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Josef Hofstätter was a trained blacksmith who produced a little wine for the customers of his wife’s inn. His wines gained popularity beyond his hometown of Termeno and he devoted all of his attention to winemaking, with great success. Josef died in 1942 and his nephew, Konrad Oberhofer, inherited the business. Konrad harvested and crushed grapes from individual vineyards separately and then marketed the wines accordingly. This was revolutionary in the region. In 1959 Konrad’s daughter Sieglinde married Paolo Foradori, whose family had been successful winemakers at Mazon, across the valley on the eastern bank of the Adige River. This united the best vineyards of the valley into the hands of one family.

Paolo and Sieglinde’s son Martin now manages the estate and cellar. He also tends each tiny plot of the family’s land with great affection and dedication. The Hofstätter Estate still produces fruit from vines planted more than a century ago. Technical modifications are only adopted if the innovation enables a more perfect expression of the grapes’ natural characteristics. Hofstätter implemented the Guyot system of training new vines in 1962. This replaced the classic Pergola system. Under the Guyot method, vines are planted at a higher density on low vigour rootstock. This decreases yield, but vastly increases the quality of the fruit.

Hofstätter’s vineyards are located in a valley in a southern pocket of the northern Italian region of Alto Adige-Trentino. The Adige River cuts through the valley. The hillsides which flank the Adige River have abundant sunshine. Termeno in the west has young, morning sun, whilst Mazon receives warm, intense afternoon sun. The vines grow on dry, calcerous soils and are fertilised with organic matter only. The vineyards are irrigated only in emergencies.  Hofstätter always aims to preserve the delicate ecological balance of the environment. Hofstätter employs traditional ageing techniques, with great emphasis on maturation in classic oak casks.

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