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Giraudi is a family run pasticceria in Alessandria, Piemonte which has been in operation since 1907.  Giacomo Boidi and his wife work hard in their laboratory to make exquisite chocolates of the highest quality using select ingredients, including locally farmed hazelnuts.

The Pasticceria Giraudi took its first steps back in 1907, with the opening of a mill and bakery. Since then it continued to grow and develop until the beginning of the Sixties, when it started to produce chocolate, which was to become Pasticceria Giraudi’s strong point.

In 1982 Giacomo Boidi, Pasticceria Giraudi’s current owner, started to learn the trade under the guidance of his two uncles Giovanni Battista Giraudi, chocolate manufacturer, and Paolino Boidi, confectioner. These two great men passed on to him the passion for a job that is almost an art. Thanks to this, and with the help of his family and some gourmets, Giacomo started to be known in Italy and abroad, although always maintaining the craftsmanlike character of his firm where tradition is combined with the high quality of raw materials.

In the modern and well equipped laboratory in Castellazzo Bormida, Giacomo Boidi prepares well-known delicacies and typical Piedmontese  recipes: from chocolate salami to Amaretti Marengo, from hazelnut cake to Lady’s Kisses, from Polenta di Alessandria to the famous  Giacometta, a hazelnut cream dedicated to Gianduja’s wife, “loving mother of Giandujotti chocolates”. This cream owes its exceptional quality  to very high percentage of Piedmont hazelnuts used in its production (32%) and to the careful balance between that various ingredients.    

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