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In 1965, a small pastry shop opened in Turin offering artisan-made traditional festive fare like panettone at Christmas and colombe for Easter, all made with the finest ingredients available. Today the Gilber Pasticceria is still a family-run business dedicated to the same principles of traditional hand-made production using quality ingredients.

The Piemontese panettone with its characteristic low profile topped with hazelnut and almond icing, is the pride of the Gilber Christmas range. Naturally leavened over 48 hours, the soft, fluffy and fragrant panettone is a pure expression of tradition and artisanal workmanship. In addition to many classic styles of panettone and pandoro, Gilber also incorporate classic Italian flavours such as pear and figs, gianduja, zabaglione and lemon cream. Gilber has been part of the Enoteca Sileno Christmas selection since 2003.

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