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This curly long pasta was originally made by wrapping fresh pasta around a knitting needle and allowing it to dry. These long strands of curly pasta have a hollow core like bucatini and will easily capture any sauce you dress it with.  

Here we've prepared it with a tomato based sauce of finely ground ingredients, but it could also be served with a fresh pesto or cream-based sauce. 

Pasta, rice, farro and fregola are four popular staples in Italian regional cooking. We mostly see them presented as cold weather foods being served steaming hot usually with other wintery ingredients. But Italians use them all year round to add flavour, texture and nutritional value to cold dishes too. Here are four delicious salads that show how versatile these ingredients can be. They are ideal for summer entertaining and picnics, as you can prepare them well in advance and keep them chilled until you are ready to serve them.

Lemon Laganelle are narrow ribbons of pasta made with free-range eggs and semolina to which the zest of fresh lemons has been added. When cooked, this egg pasta has a brilliant yellow colour and fresh, lemony aroma. The lemon flavour is distinct without being overwhelming and combines well with so many ingredients. Try them with fresh ricotta, and chopped fresh herbs, or with your favourite pesto.  They are particularly brilliant with seafood and shellfish. This summer recipes combines fresh prawns and peas.

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