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Enoteca Sileno News - July 2020

There is an inherent comforting quality to honey...


This winter, when we find ourselves at home more often, drinking hot cups of tea, baking and cooking more often than we're used to, honey can be a comforting addition to so many things. It's perfect to sweeten fruit for pies or tarts, to be drizzled over a steaming bowl of porridge, and spooned into a hot toddy to soothe a scratchy throat.

ADI Honey of Abruzzo is sustainable organic honey sourced from roving hives. Bees thrive on a biodiverse diet where agri-chemicals are not present in the environment. ADI Apicoltura go to great lengths to ensure their hives are well-cared for and kept healthy, as bee populations are more precious than ever. Choose from an inviting selection of varieties like robust Chestnut, delicate Acacia, or high-toned Lime Flower honey.

Read the update on this month's offerings via our newsletter here: Enoteca Sileno News - July 2020

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