Frantoio Cutrera


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Pan Primo is a Christmas Cake made with extra virgin olive oil, born from the collaboration between Frantoi Cutrera and the historical Filippi pastry shop, renowned for the production of panettone and cakes for special occasions. Pan Primo is a panettone in which extra virgin olive oil is used instead of butter, obtained with a mother yeast renewed for decades by Filippi, the result of a slow natural leavening, thus obtaining a light, soft and at the same time tasty dough.

A traditional dough, combined with Frantoi Cutrera excellent Primo extra virgin olive oil. For Filippi's pastry shop, extra virgin olive oil has always been a distinctive pastry making ingredient. So PanPrimo is completely free from butter and dairy products, in favor of a noble, vegetable fat of the highest quality: only extra virgin olive oil. A choice in the name of superior digestibility and lightness, without renouncing to the deliciousness of this cake. A quality dessert that can be eaten on any occasion!