Baladin Beer - Xyauyu Barrel 2017 500ml


500ml Barley Wine aged in Rum Barrels


Technically a barley wine, Xyauyu is a top-fermented beer and aged in barrels for about two and a half years with closely-monitored oxygenation. Bottled in a 500ml Champagne-style bottle under cork, the result is a still, clear beer with no head and an intense ruby colour. It releases wonderful scents of nougat, caramel, dates and dried plums.

The 'Barrel' Xyauyu is aged in casks that formerly contained a rare and sought-after rum from an abandoned distillery on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. The taste of caramel, vanilla and fruit in syrup emerge and blend harmoniously with the typical warmth of this barley wine with notes reminiscent of the best rums. Teo Musso bottles these special beers in extremely limited quantities.


  • 14.0% alcohol
  • All of Baladin’s beers are non-filtered, refermented in the bottle and non-pasteurized
  • Baladin uses six strains of native yeasts (Lievita Madre) in their production.