Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle

2016 Maison Vevey Albert Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle DOP 750ml


Prié Blanc is one of the last Italian grape varietals not grafted on American roots, probably introduced to the Valle d’Aosta during Roman times. Over the centuries the Prié Blanc grape has adapted to the dry and cold mountain climate, shortening its vegetative cycle to protect itself from Spring freezes and long Winter months. These are the highest vineyards in Europe, cultivated at over 1000masl, and up to 1200masl on terrazzamenti (typical staggered mountain terraces), protected by stone walls, on moraine soil. Only 5000 bottles produced.


  • 100% Prié Blanc
  • A lovely, delicate, slightly floral and grassy white with gentle acidity
  • Not a run-of-the mill wine, it is from a unique wine-growing area