Il Mulino Sardo Gnocchetti Mini 500g

This unassuming small pasta will surprise you with how tasty and well-made it is. Produced in small batches, this Gnochetti Sardi is made with high quality durum wheat flour sourced from Puglia and flavoured with saffron, spinach and tomato. Use as pastina in minestrone, or pair with pesto, sugo or seafood sauces.


Gnochetti is one of Sardina's most iconic foods and there is a long tradition of recipes using local ingredients, especially seafood, beans, meat sauces and various vegetables. It is also used in soups and for stuffings and once cooked and cooled can be made into salad.

Cooking Suggestions: 

Gnochetti will cook in about 8-9 minutes in boiling water

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