Artisan Pasta Pack

Quality pasta makes all the difference in home cooking. This pack is filled with shapes you may not have tried, as well as Ferron rice, sauce, and some basic ingredients to round out an easy-to-prepare meal:
- Rustichella Tortiglioni 500g
- Rustichella Bucatini 500g
- Rustichella Pasta al Ceppo 500g
- Ferron Carnaroli Risotto Rice 1kg
- Naturbosco Dried Porcini 50g
- Venturino Pesto Rosso 180g
- La Genuina Fricelli 500g
- Lampara Sardines in EVOO with Chilli 100g
- Rustichella Pasta Sauce - Porcini 270g
- Rustichella Pasta Sauce - Verdure (Vegetable) 270g
- Rustichella Pasta Sauce - Basil 270g
- Virgona Salina LARGE Capers in Sea Salt 500g
- Moretti Polenta Pronta 500g
- Scalia Anchovy Paste tube 60g
- Kala Primitivo 750ml - red wine from Puglia

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Perfect for yourself or for a gift, this "Artisan Pasta Pack" pack contains an incredible selection of pasta, rice, wine and fantastic base ingredients to make tasty, indulgent meals.