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Six Things You Should Know About Baladin

Baladin is Italy's leading craft beer maker and its eccentric and passionate founder Teo Musso has been a influential force on the craft beer movement around the the world. Here are 6 things you should know about this extraordinary man and his beer:

1.  For Teo Musso beer is a passion and form of personal expression. Each of his beers reflect special moments in his life and his constant search for the perfect sensory balance. Isaac and Wayan celebrated the birth of his children, while Nazionale expresses the commitment to working in harmony with the earth and his love of Italy.

2.  85% of the grains used to make Baladin beer comes from their own organic farms in Piemonte, Basilicata and Marche. They are one of only 7 brewers in the world who grow their own cereals and the first beer company to be associated with the Slow Food movement. 

3. All of Baladin’s beers are non-filtered, re-fermented in the bottle and non-pasteurized. The yeasts used to made Baladin beer are a “Lievita Madre” (mother yeast) consisting of 6 different strains of native yeasts. It takes about 4 months from harvest, to fermentation, to stabilization, before the beer is bottled.

4. In Italy, the production of craft beer is tightly controlled and subject to a strict set of criteria: no filtration, no pasteurization, no corporate affiliation, and total beer production must be limited to no more than 10,000,000 litres. 

5. Baladin are considered “food-friendly beers” because they are not pasteurized which means the aromas and flavours of the beer can be matched to dishes, in a similar way to wines. Michelin-starred restaurants all over Europe list Baladin beer.

6. Baladin is heavily involved in expanding social programs for disadvantaged people, such as a multi-functional vocational school teaching brewing, cooking and other skills applicable to the food and beverage industry.


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