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Dinner Tonight - What to Cook in April

Autumn is a delicious season in Australia. For this month, we highlight a classic pasta dish from Roman cuisine - Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, which you will 'fall' in love with.


Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe

For centuries, cacio e pepe has been the perfect meal of the Roman shepherds. Dried pasta, aged pecorino and black peppers are easy-to-carry ingredients and hard to spoil.

Despite what many people think, cacio e pepe recipe does not need any cream or butter. The starch from the spaghetti and the grated pecorino combined in the right way are enough to create the cacio e pepe sauce.
As in many Roman recipes, the pepper has to be very abundant.

Ingredients (4 serves):


  1. Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Add salt.
  2. When the water is boiling, pour the spaghetti into the pot.
  3. Meanwhile, place the finely grated Pecorino Romano into a large bowl.
  4. Cook the pasta until about 2 minutes before al dente.
  5. Drain, reserving 3/4 cup pasta cooking water.
  6. Transfer the Pasta into the bowl, add a drizzle of Olive Oil and abundant cracked black pepper and slowly pour the reserved hot cooking water. Add extra Pecorino if necessary. 
  7. Stir strongly for about 5 minutes until the starch combines with the cheese and obtain a creamy sauce.

Cacio and pepe is ready to serve. Buon Appetito!



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